Wild Pie is mini-pies that call attention to pesticide-free ingredients while supporting best practices in food production. We understand that manufactured food makes us un-well. Wild Pie prides itself in speaking up!  Food is our most vital resource that we have and we must protect it. Each little pie is an example of environmental conservation. In fact, Wild Pie was created out of love and support for our environment, our natural resources, utilizing less energy, less waste and shaking hands with farmers. Wild Pie has a low carbon footprint and a "show stopping" taste. We spent the better part of a decade seeking this big taste in a tiny bite. Each little morsel bursts with flavor using simple ingredients and attention to detail. Our pleasure comes from seeing you smile, each time that you pop a Wild Pie in your mouth! And on a deeper level, our hope is that you make a stronger connection between you and our environment. We invite you to taste Wild Pie delights and stand, with us.  

Please look out for Pop-Ups in NYC Fall 2018. Wild Pie can be ordered for your next special event in New York City, Brooklyn, South Florida, Park City and Salt Lake City, Wild Pie has been gaining media attention - digitally, in hard copy and on the radio. If you desire a box of 4, 6,12, 24 or more mini Wild Pie, please check out the contact page. Thank you for your support in advance.